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Article: Demand has increased enormously!

Nachfrage enorm gestiegen!

Demand has increased enormously!

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the demand for our product has increased enormously. Our distributor for the hospital sector is also reporting a steady increase in inquiries. Pharopack is the only and safest solution for sealing the deceased. Also for international transfers.

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USA fragt nach 50.000 Biosaftylevel 4 Folien

USA asks for 50,000 Biosaftylevel 4 films

The USA is now looking for sealable corpse films in Europe. Pharopack has enough, but transporting it is a bit difficult. We will also wait to see how the situation in the EU develops.

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Wir können wieder liefern!

We can deliver again!

After a short delivery bottleneck, we can now deliver again. You can currently find immediate deliveries marked in black under the prices tab. The prices marked in red are expected to be available...

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